Fly Fishing Roscoe

In the early 1800’s, fly fishing began to “come of age” in the lower Catskills.  Both writers and fishermen – including the great Theodore Gordon – documented their experiences fishing the Beaverkill River – particularly the junction Pool, which was rich in fish because the trout could not decide which river to swim up: the Beaverkill or Willowemoc Creek.

Today, the town of Roscoe celebrates the opening of each trout season with its “Two-Headed Trout Dinner”.  The town is also famous for its many fly tyers who preserved the techniques known as the “Catskill Style Dry Fly”.  Our famous tradition of fly thing dates from the time of Gordon to families like the Darbees, the Dettes and the Wulffs, and individuals like Rube Cross, ‘Pop’ Robbins, Art Flick, Roy Steenrod, just to name a few.  Today, there are a number of local tyers that demonstrate and teach the art of fly tying in our area.  Conservationists have fought long and hard to protect the natural resources in the Roscoe area for healthy populations of trout.  New York State has designated several miles of our rivers as NO KILL SECTIONS.  These sections can be identified on maps provided by the NYDEC or in our local fly shops.  For the non fly fisher, there are many local guides who offer expert advice and lessons in fly fishing.